1. Day

General rules

  1. This meeting follows the technical rules of the Italian Swimming Federation (F.I.N.) to participate at this meeting swimmers have to be members of teams associated with the F.I.N. or, in case of foreign teams to a National Federation associated with the F.I.N.A.
  2. Swimmers are able to participate at this meeting if they fulfil times dictated by the timetable. For each fulfilled time 2,00 Euro will be given back.
  3. Return money will be given at the end of the second race day only. Not taken refound will lapse in favour of the organisation.
  4. Single age-group scoring is done for the 2010 to 2007 age-groups, general scoring for the 2006 and older age group. Relay races and 100 m IM also have general scoring.
  5. The competition pool is 25 m long and has 8 lanes. Water depth is 1.80-2.00 m. Water temperature 26,5°C. Time is taken electronically.
  6. The entry form must be completed specifying best time achievements. By submitting the form responsible team/federation confirms the good physical condition of its swimmers.
  7. The relay members (including relay time) have to be handed in within the first part of the races at the same day.
  8. For all races the one START rule is applied.
  9. Changes or new entries will be not accepted during the racing days.
  10. All prizes have to be taken personally at the presentation ceremony, otherwise they lapse in favour of the organisation.
  11. If the number of athletes exceeds 390 the organisation has the right to refuse further entries.
  12. The organizer reserves the right to make changes to the competition program at short notice by reasons of force majeure, natural disasters or third parties (e.g. COVID-19)
    The organizer reserves the right to cancel the event at short notice by reasons of force majeure, natural disasters or third parties (e.g. COVID-19) – without the clubs already registered having the right of recourse.
    Regulations valid subject to printing errors.

Starting order

The starting order is set regardless of age-group, and based on the best time indicated on the entry form.
The best three heats compete separately – after a warm-up –prior to the relay races. There are no final races!

Scoring and awards

  1. Individual awards – medals for the first three in every single age-group.
  2. In the general scoring (sum of times) the first five of every combination receive Euro 150,00 / 100,00 / 70,00 / 50,00 / 40,00 respectively.
    50m + 100m FREE + 100m IM W+M
    50m + 100m BACK + 100m IM W+M
    50m + 100m BREAST + 100m IM W+M
    50m + 100m BUTTERFLY + 100m IM W+M
  3. The trainers of the first five teams in the team scoring of every single age-group and the relay races (points 9/7/6/5/4/3/2/1 for the first eight of every single age-group and double points for the relay races) receive Euro 600,00 / 400,00 / 300,00 / 200,00 / 100,00 (in case of equal scores the prize money are added together and then halved).
  4. Every new meeting record set W+M (individual competitions!) will be rewarded with Euro 250,00. In every discipline and/or distance, if a new record is not set, the prize will be added to the next year jackpot – see prize money table.


Changes in the programme are possible due to technical or organisational problems.
The meet organisation carries no responsibility for injury, theft or damage of any kind.
Inside the pool structure general pool rules are valid.
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