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Entry fee

individual races before 18th October from 19th-23th October
5 ore more starts per athlete 7,50- Euro per race + 25%
4 starts per athlete 8,00- Euro per race + 25%
3 starts per athlete 8,50- Euro per race + 25%
2 starts per athlete 11,00- Euro per race + 25%
1 starts per athlete 16,00- Euro per race + 25%
relay race: before 18th October from 19th-23th October
15,00- Euro + 25%


Italian clubs have to apply through the website portal Please send the form to Entries are only valid after being confirmed by email from the organisation.
International clubs have to download the Excel file from the meeting website
below and fill in the form. The form then has to be sent to
the following email address:

Bank account

IBAN: IT80 T058 5611 6020 5157 1390 845
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