Entry fee

individual races before 21.10. from 22.-28.10.
5 ore more starts per athlete 8,00- Euro per race + 25%
4 starts per athlete 10,00- Euro per race + 25%
3 starts per athlete 12,00- Euro per race + 25%
2 starts per athlete 14,00- Euro per race + 25%
1 starts per athlete 20,00- Euro per race + 25%
relay race: before 21.10. from 22.-28.10.
16,00- Euro + 25%


Italian clubs have to apply through the website portal www.federnuoto.it. Please send the form to info@meetingbz.it. Entries are only valid after being confirmed by email from the organisation.
International clubs have to download the Excel file from the meeting website http://www.meetingbz.it
below http://www.meetingbz.it/documents/meldeliste.xls and fill in the form. The form then has to be sent to
the following email address: info@meetingbz.it

Bank account

IBAN: IT80 T058 5611 6020 5157 1390 845
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